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Brave Refugees from Untappd Beer Festival Live to Tell Their Stories on Twitter

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Brave Refugees from Untappd Beer Festival Live to Tell Their Stories on Twitter

QC Swerve

QC Swerve

Around 12,000 people attended the first ever Untappd Beer Festival at Bank of America Stadium last Saturday. Harrowing conditions, such as disorganization and an hour-long rain delay, brought the festival to the brink of chaos. The world watched on Twitter as attendees unaccustomed to socializing while sober experienced the horror of being mildly inconvenienced and began courageously tweeting their stories:

“I was walking around the Panthers playing field, drinking craft beer, and some tents didn’t have their kegs right away, so we were forced to go 10 feet to other tents. It’s the worst thing that ever happened to me.” — @soundsaboutyt

“We had to stand in a line to get in. That’s not something I ever expected to happen at a sold-out event inside an NFL stadium.” — @LoveLuuuke

“They gave us these tiny plastic tasting glasses, which broke. So they passed out solo cups which hold way more beer, but like, they’re what you use for keg parties, not a keg festival. Disgusting.” — @fakebooz

“We weren’t stranded on an island and we all had restrooms and shelter, and it cost thousands of dollars less, but other than that – it was exactly like the Fyre Festival. #FyreFestCLT”  — @itsmurda2009

“It took me over 15 minutes to find a Hazy IPA, it’s like…is this what oppression feels like?” — @BROvWade

“In the VIP lounge, Barrel Culture Brewing ran out of the rare, private collection they’d been pouring, and we were forced to drink commercially-available beers.” — @kayteebear

“The ice sculpture was melting in VIP. Then, Fin & Fino ran out of seared ahi tuna and began serving deli-grade smoked salmon! It may as well have been a cheese sandwich. #FyreFestCLT” — @NicoleYelps

“I asked to speak to a manager immediately, all they had was an event coordinator. I don’t know what that means, and I’m suing for defamation.”  — @auntkaren

DefCLT reached out to Festival Organizer Hunter Vaughn who was spotted in the VIP lounge having a beer while it stormed. He admitted that he never even attempted to stop the rain. Shameful!

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