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GoodFood MadeBetter hosts herbally infused feast for a Sunday dinner like no other

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GoodFood MadeBetter hosts herbally infused feast for a Sunday dinner like no other

GoodFood MadeBetter hosts herbally infused feast for a Sunday dinner like no other

Meet Kaylan Frazier, the founder of GoodFood MadeBetter, Charlotte’s herbally infused dinners and events company. Though just a year old, GFMB has built a cult following based on their deft presentation, exquisite flavors, and of course that extra buzzy bonus by the end of a meal. Couple this with dope deejays and the cosign of Charlotte’s arts set and it’s no wonder Frazier’s tasting success. She sat down with DefCLT for a chat about how she got started and Cinco de Higho, her upcoming infused May 5 event. This is a Sunday dinner we can get down with!

DefCLT: How did you first become interested in infused cooking?

Kaylan Frazier: Long story short, I ruined a Christmas with my first batch of edibles. Out of inexperience I made them way too strong and had a number of people “couch-locked.” Many of those people were first timers. In the days following they were full of regret, saying they’d never do that again. After that, I was committed to exacting potencies and changing the stereotypes around what it looks like to consume CBD and THC.

DefCLT: What’s your culinary background?

KF: GoodFood MadeBetter thrives on collaboration with local chefs. In doing so, we grow our brands, strengthen community and create an experience. My culinary background is fueled by my own pursuit of health and wellness. Eating primarily plant based calls for a certain level of creativity in the kitchen. This, as well as my degree in complementary alternative medicine from American College of Healthcare Sciences, keeps me passionate about the hemp plant in culinary, medicinal and spiritual capacities.

DefCLT: Beyond the obvious legal issues, what are some of the challenges of hosting infused dinners?

KF: My biggest challenge is finding a consistent event venue with necessary accommodations. I have been fortunate enough to have a platform that is well supported by local businesses. Without their “Yes! This sounds DOPE!” many of my events would’ve never happened.

DefCLT: What are some unique benefits of cooking with cannabis?

KF: The benefits of cooking infused food are just as unique as the strains. It’s always good to set your intention on what you’d like to experience and pick strains that have the terpenes that support those intentions. Some terpenes promote stress relief and relaxation, while others promote focus and creativity. There have been over 100 terpenes identified and all have unique terpenes and compositions. The benefits are vast!

DefCLT: How do you strike a balance between flavors and potency?

KF: Terpenes give hemp plants their smell and flavor profile. They also play a key role in differentiating a strain’s effects. When I am organizing an event, the chef and I collaborate on a menu, we set the intention for the experience and I pick strains that are in alignment with course flavors and the intention of the experience. Potency varies with the amount of people that purchase tickets to the events.

DefCLT: How are you distinguishing yourself in the field?

KF: Honestly, I am young, black and female. Just that sets me apart in an industry where I am not well represented. I am creating spaces where people can build community, heal and engage with plant medicine in ways they never thought possible. For instance, Love on High was GoodFood MadeBetter’s Valentine’s Day event where we served infused aphrodisiac courses paired with a 45 minute tantra practice and meditation.

Or Brainfreeze, our summer networking event last July around ice cream and infused toppings. Lifted Lotus was another GoodFood MadeBetter event that paired infused teas, essential oil healing and yoga.

DefCLT: Is there support/mentorship? I see a lot of black women branching into legalizing industries now.

KF: I am elated to see the amount of black women entering the field! I have yet to access mentorship but there are a few hemp businesses in Charlotte, DC and New York owned and operated by black women that I would love to connect with. All in divine time!

DefCLT: What can guests expect this Sunday at Cinco de Higho?

KF: Ahh! Cinco de Higho is a light and fun spin on Cinco de Mayo. We will be serving plant-based tacos with optional infused add-ons. DJ Viktimizer will be spinning and the dopeness of a fly independent record shop will be the backdrop to it all.  It will definitely be chill Sunday vibes with cool folks and well, GoodFood MadeBetter!

Cinco de Higho takes place Sunday, May 5 from 3-7 p.m. in a Plaza Midwood location. To reserve your spot, Cashapp or Venmo $20 to $Goodmadebetter and include your email address. You will receive confirmation and directions.

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