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Spark This: 4 Strains to Elevate Your Cannabis Game

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The consumption of cannabis has been shown to reduce pain, stress and anger. It can potentially lessen dependency on some medicines and pharmaceuticals. In a society with historic levels of anxiety and addiction, there’s real reason to embrace this natural wonder! Fortunately, legalization is happening all over the country, and with it comes more options than ever.

“Am I gonna get high?” Sure, if that’s what you want, but not all strains of cannabis are going to wreck you. Those with higher CBD and mid-to-low THC levels balance each other out and are almost purely medicinal.

Discovering what works for you can be daunting: fully stocked dispensaries can feel overwhelming, and picking the wrong strain for you could turn you off forever. My philosophy is learn before you burn, and I’m here to help educate. I’ve compiled a small list of go-to’s to ease those worries.

Note: Smoking, vaping and edibles are all different delivery systems and they’ll affect you at different rates. For best results, build on small doses until you find your marijuana sweet spot.

First up is ACDC, one of the least psychoactive sativa-dominant strains available.

  • Contains 15-26% CBD and 1-1.5% THC.
  • The minor psychoactivity from the THC content is balanced and outshone by the CBD, leaving you relaxed and focused with no euphoria.
  • Helpful for anxiety, pain and curbing cravings. Incredibly medicinal.
  • I recommend this for those wanting to explore natural solutions to over-the-counter medications.

Next up is ole Granddaddy Purple, a well known, heavy-hitting indica that doesn’t disappoint. Ever.

  • Contains 17-27% THC with no mentionable amounts of CBD/CBG/CBN.
  • This strain works real magic in small sessions and for daily use. Similar to a mood stabilizer, it delivers quick relaxation and immense feelings of calm and ease, yet still leaves you functional.
  • In larger amounts, you’ll slumber long and hard. I personally have wild dreams after partaking of GDP and then wake up with high levels of munchies.
  • I recommend this for helping insomnia, prolonged anxiety and depression.
  • Oh and it tastes of grapes… Get. Some.

Here comes StarDawg, the hybrid love child of Chem Dawg4 and Tres Dawg. In my opinion, this is one of the most approachable strains available.

  • Containing 15-23% THC, no CBD
  • I could smoke StarDawg all day and get my entire to-do list completed. You could even go to work, depending on your comfort level. It gives a mellow energy that keeps you flowing like water over rocks.
  • I suggest this for those looking to experiment with THC on a slightly motivated level.
  • Drop those Xanax and get yourself some StarDawg.

This one could get weird. Witches Weed is an ambiguous mystery maven full of precariousness and fun.

  • Contains a copious amount of THC at 19-25.5% and .01-.10% CBD.
  • No, it’s not LSD, but it’s probably going to get strange. Make sure you’ve got a game plan: good environment, snacks, an open mind and plenty of time. Euphoria, melon, bliss and unpredictability all make for a wild ride.
  • Tastes of cantaloupes and melons, lots of them.
  • Great for boosting creativity, overcoming depression and smashing through mental blocks.
  • Not recommended for beginners.

The days of “Reefer Madness” and covering up the benefits of marijuana are over. Marijuana remains fully illegal in only 18 states, with three of those, including North Carolina, considering it “decriminalized.” Take charge of the relationship you’d like to have with cannabis, medicinally and recreationally, and you’ll be on your way up in the world.

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