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Eat this: Groovy Guava Elevation Elixir

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Eat This: Groovy Guava Elevation Elixir

Rockin’ Recipes with Pants, Vol. 420

Photo credit: Brian Twitty

Rockin’ Recipes with Pants, Vol. 420

Hello again friends! I’m so pumped to share this recipe with you!

What the hell is an Elevation Elixir? Well, it’s a refreshing dressing and marinade infused with cannabis oil and it can be used for many treats!

Originally, I wanted to infuse this recipe with THC oil but I was only able to access CBD, so that’s what I ended up using. When cooking with THC or CBD oil, it’s important to remember they bind the best to fats. Also, in order to maintain the most benefits of your THC/CBD oil, make sure to apply minimal heat. That’s why this vinaigrette is perfect; it’s cold and high in fats, so that our groovy oils can thrive.

I made a simple kale salad to showcase this beautiful creation, but you can put it on basically anything – the possibilities are endless as you want them to be. Let’s do this.

Weapons of Mass Nutrition

Groovy Guava Elevation Elixir Dressing:

½ cup Guava Nectar (Try Compare Foods, Mega Market, or Super G Mart for Adventure)

1-2 large limes juiced and zested (don’t snooze on it)

½ tablespoon spicy brown mustard (go wild, use your favorite)

½ teaspoon salt

⅛ teaspoon black pepper

6 oz. salad oil (canola, veggie, regular olive) Note: EVOO is too strong to use alone

2 oz. Fully Activated CBD oil (2400 mg total)

Love (in abundance)

Kale Satan Salad

6 cups chopped kale

2 tablespoon chopped dry cranberry or cherry

½ small red onion or sweet onion

⅓ cup toasted or raw almond slivers

½ cup diced mango

½ avocado cut in your favorite way

¼ cup Groovy Guava Multipurpose Elevation Elixir

You gathered your ingredients! The hard part is over!

For your dressing: combine all the ingredients except the oils and whisk together. Slowly add your oils until they’re incorporated and emulsified. Taste and adjust the salt and pepper to your liking. Pat yourself on the back!

For your salad: take that dressing and pour about ¼ cup over your kale and massage it in. Then, decorate it with your toppings however the hell you see fit.

Take the rest of the dressing and marinade some tofu or chicken. Use it to lightly dress a fruit salad. Make your favorite salad or sandwich and dress it with your tasty achievement! Dip something in it! GET WILD! BE CREATIVE! BE FREE!

Join me next time where we will conquer another culinary mountain – together – as it should be.  BE GOOD TO EACH OTHER, UTILIZE COMPASSION, SUPPORT LOCAL ART AND MUSIC, ART OR DIE…..FOREVER! NOURISH OR PERISH


For as long as I breathe and make food, I am here for you! If you have recipe requests, questions, need life advice or a personal chef, email me.

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