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April Horoscope

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April Horoscope: New Pathways

“Tradition becomes our security and when the mind is secure, it is in decay”
-Jiddu Krishnamurti

April Horoscope

“Tradition becomes our security and when the mind is secure, it is in decay”
-Jiddu Krishnamurti


Happy Solar Return, Aries! Are you ready? There is another adventure unfolding itself for you. Prepare to re-educate yourself in a new way that will give you a higher perspective of how to revolutionize the experiences that are the roots of who you are. Your gifts to community are going to prepare a space for you to pioneer a new form of communication. This may even be re-establishing and re-inventing yourself, due to recent discoveries that have revealed themselves through your present experiences. You also will be pioneering new philosophies that will challenge the face of tradition in some way…


Wow, Taurus. Your roots have experienced a new revolutionary reset. Much has come into your awareness of what you need to feed yourself in order to thrive in a powerful and penetrative way within the next couple of weeks. Continue to plant these new seeds that are taking you into the next set of experiences that will completely revolutionize your material realm. You are now ready to release old, stuck patterns with new belief systems that will align with what is about to take place.


So Gemini, you have really been evaluating the foundation of your desires in connection with your highest ideals. You have a whole new connection with your intuitive sense. Now that the residue of this most recent retrograde is finally being cleared, it is time for you to implement this new level of discernment. You will begin to navigate your polarities using new frequencies and algorithms of thought. Be mindful of certain impulses that could lead you down a path that you may regret later.


Your daily routine is elevating. It is preparing the table for what you should expect moving forward. The way you are now relating to others has been challenged recently. You will gain a powerful new partnership that will assist you in a concept that needs to be manifested. Expect new insights on which canal/channel this concept should come through. Flow with the energy and take good care of your physical body. Rose quartz would be a great stone to have in your kitchen area throughout this month.


Ok, Leo. Your partnerships throughout this past retrograde season have given you deep insights about how you have been showing up, both spiritually and unconsciously. It may be a mess that you need to address, but please don’t forget to mention your contribution to this circumstance. This will give you another perception of love and loyalty. You may also enter a feeling of wanting to break free around the 13. Just make choices and develop new techniques that express what your heart TRULY desires.


Beautiful Virgo. You have really been putting in work, recultivating a place of peace within you. You are addressing emotions that have been creating a certain level of chaos in your soul. Of course, you use chaos as a tool to satisfy you or assist you in finding peace. There are some internal resources that will be unveiling themselves to you throughout the  next couple of weeks. These resources will give you even more confidence in handling and expressing your deeper needs in a way that gives you a deeper peace of mind.


What is the genuine purpose of why you do what you do within your daily routine? Also, who is it that you are actively connecting to in this routine or within your projects? It seems that you are being guided to become aware of the nature of the energetic exchange. There is something that needs to be realigned and/or a new way of communication must be established. Clarity on how you feel and how others feel is very important in order for your next moves to be smooth like butter.


You are so close. This new moon has already shown you how close you are. You are in a position now to realize what is really at stake, as well as how important perception is from the angle of where you currently are. You are establishing a new way of communicating to yourself, which is shifting your social and family dynamics as well. Be patient with yourself throughout this process.  Also, new resources will begin showing up to you from avenues that you would have never expected. Make sure you are preparing a space for you to receive them.


You are about to experience another breakthrough this month. This breakthrough will make you extremely optimistic about your most recent setbacks. You will be gaining much insight on how these setbacks are creating a new career/business pathway for you, especially when Jupiter goes retrograde on April 20. Be mindful of the energy that you are expending and with whom. You will need to shift up your routine in a new way. There is a stagnated channel that needs a fire cleansing this month. Utilize a balance of fire and water energy within your home, along with citrus aromatherapy. A vacation may also be needed for you towards the end of this month. Set and intention and it will unfold for you unexpectedly. Just be open to receiving it.


It seems that you may possibly be having a power struggle. The side of you that you keep oh so hidden is about ready to emerge. It may be activating within your dream realm. Whatever it is, you feel it on a deeper level impacting how you are moving through your experience. Be mindful of how you are evolving spiritually. There is a different type of nourishment that you must give to yourself in connection with your spirituality.


You are at the dawn of a new awakening. Your physical appearance is being impacted by this new perspective that you have of your spirituality. You are also beginning to view your personal resources differently. You are beginning to understand and delve into how you have suppressed your life for the past few years under the surface. You are a beacon of light and an important presence within your community. You are going to be connecting in a new way with how you serve others.


Finally! An opportunity will present itself to express the gifts of your inner resources that you have recently glimpsed in moments of insight, visions, and symbols. Be careful that you don’t allow others to feed off of your manifested creative expression in a way that doesn’t elevate its true value. You have the juice to cultivate a space that will align for you to express what you have. You are going to be diving into some information that you receive from a specific place that you travel to when you are in your dream state. Translating this information will be important. It will assist your next move of expansion and evolution this month.

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Ra’Iysa Nafiys El is an oracle and spiritual guide who specializes in astrology, ancestor healing and generational transformation, mediumship, and divination.


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