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RIP Armada Skate Shop

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Updated: Armada Skate Shop Priced Out

Another Victim of Skyrocketing Rent in Plaza Midwood

Photo credit: Brian Twitty

Another Victim of Skyrocketing Rent in Plaza Midwood

Update to this story:

Def CLT spoke with store owner Patrick Carroll Saturday afternoon. He said he has found a potential new home for Armada, but it’s going to take money to make the move happen.

“I can’t give up on this,” said Carroll, “it’s just in me. It’s what I’m supposed to do.”

The store had a steady stream of people flowing in to purchase items from the “Gentrification Sale,” and several signs in the window read,”Plaza Midwood price per sq. ft.: Office/Retail $20 – Restaurant $40”

Carroll said the entire building must vacate to make way for a new restaurant. Charlotte Barber and Beard, another popular tenant of the building, preferred not to comment on this story.

According to Carroll, the new space he has his eye on is twice as large and the price is more manageable.

“We have so much stuff in storage we couldn’t even put up here, like vintage decks and artwork. So now we’d have room for that.”

DefCLT took the opportunity to purchase some new kicks and a fresh hat from Armada’s own branded gear.

The owners of Armada Skate Shop have suddenly announced they will close their doors this Monday, April 1st, and unfortunately this does not appear to be a terrible April Fool’s joke.

The staff is currently liquidating the shop’s inventory in what they’re calling a “gentrification sale,” which I suppose tells us all we need to know about why this is happening.

Here is the statement posted by owner, Patrick Carroll:

“Tomorrow will mark the end of my era on the 1200 block of the Plaza. I’ve seen a lot of things happen here over the years. I’ve seen kids turn into adults, then have kids. I’ve provided a haven for the most misunderstood kids to have a voice, and be heard. I’ve worn all kinds of hats from brother figure, to father figure. From mentor to brother. And to think, I thought I was just selling skateboards. What I was doing was selling dreams. I sold wings. I sold bonds to father & son, mother & daughter. I sold memories for years to come.

And now the time has come to say goodbye to the old and hello to the new. Stop by Armada today or tomorrow, and share your favorite memories, and spend some cheese, cuz come Monday, we won’t be here!”

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