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We the People: A DefCLT Manifesto

Photo credit: Brian Twitty

Charlotte deserves more than local media has been delivering. Charlotte deserves the truth. DefCLT is a band of journalists, street stalkers and cultural curators tired of the current bullshit: Tidy fluff pieces based on ad buys, tone-deaf stories by writers without a clue, and publications that refuse to ask the hard questions about how policies and corporations will affect the people of Charlotte.

DefCLT has skin in the game.

We are part of the communities we cover and bring a diverse set of perspectives, from people deeply rooted in Charlotte–OGs of Queen City life–to newcomers with fresh ideas. Our common trait is that we’ve all paid dues, know the context of how the city got here and are dedicated to examining where we’re going.

To this point, we will not ever deliver sponsored content without disclosing it. We will not offer friendly coverage to those who exploit the creative community for financial windfalls. What we will do is challenge, dig and deliver.

Our guiding principles are simple:

Black Lives Matter. Now and Forever.

Fuck Nazis. Die Slow.

Immigrants are our family, friends and neighbors.

Gender is a beautiful spectrum.

Money is not the motivation.

The trust of the community is a sacred gift that we will earn and re-earn with every edition.

Charlotte’s one definitive feature is its people.

There are no gatekeepers here. Your stories are our stories. Together, we define Charlotte.

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