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March Horoscope: Tapping into Your Source

“You have to grow from the inside out. None can teach you, none can make you spiritual. There is no other teacher but your own soul.”

-Swami Vivekanda


Pay attention to how your efforts connect with the true essence of your activity. Do you still have hidden trauma around how you assert yourself? Remember, what was is revealing itself in how you articulate your moves. The strategy begins with the inner- and understanding that exaggerated activity doesn’t give you a competitive edge. It will only exhaust you even more! You will be receiving symbols in your dream state as well as in your awakened state that reference how you are aligning with your will. Look forward to receiving the momentum you need to be aligned with the edict of your TRUE mission. If you have yet to find out what this edict is, then Ask.


This month is so powerful for you. The power of your values and self-esteem are opening doors that you never imagined would open. You are creating and attracting a stability that will reflect your highest values. Look forward to innovating how you move in a revolutionary way. Look forward to experiencing major life changes that will increase your resources in multiple ways. Just stay connected to your perspective and your intuition. It will keep you aligned so that, without a doubt, you will always be in the right place at the right time.


With this month comes the opportunity to develop your old connections and attract new ones. Pay attention to the feelings you receive through the self-expression of your Spirit. There is something that you must karmically align with, to gain release from the blockage that you have been feeling but you haven’t really been able to put into words. Stay open to a new revelation about yourself that you need to see. You had a sense that something was off anyway. This revelation will reveal what it is. Your responsibility is to be as open as possible about what comes through and actively prepare a mental space to contain a truth so deep, you may even need to plan a rest day to reset from what you receive.


Your feminine power becomes even more potent this month. Allow this power to give you deeper insight into your natural intelligence and the nature of your motives. You will desire to utilize original ways to deal with the challenges you may be experiencing currently. The challenges present within your life are due to your true identity (outside of your family identity) creating a space to shine the way you are destined to. Over the past 6 months, you have been revealing deeper insight on how to recognize your path of destiny. And yes, you will have the energy needed to assist you in navigating these challenges. There is a deep release that will manifest in your Spirit, which will release the resistance you have been feeling.


You may still be holding onto past spiritual residue that is restricting you from realizing your illuminated essence. I am sure you have been emotionally feeling this restriction within your spinal column. You have a unique contribution to humanity. You already know this, though the contributions you have been giving seem to be disconnected from authentic power. It is time that you refine how you are expressing your power. You are allowing distractions to entertain you. Why aren’t you entertaining the true essence of who you are? Create a space this month for your God Source to reveal to you the next steps in how to move forward. It is time to resurrect a love that you have distanced yourself from for quite some time.


Are you ready to open up, Virgo? You have gotten in your own way long enough. It’s now time to admit that you have used your gift of keen observation to serve organizations, people and ideas that do not serve your TRUE path. Call in detailed clarity from your God Source as to how to accomplish this. This is important this month because you have some powerful opportunities that will require you to navigate unexplored territory. These opportunities will not hold space for undue anxiety. Unresolved, it will just create more static in the transmission of the message on how to create space for your God Source to work through you. Get to the spiritual root of your anxiety.


You are beginning to connect with some power players within your professional or social sphere. Power players that connect to your values on a spiritual level. However, there is a word of caution. It will be vital to know and reflect on what is the TRUTH of your spiritual values. If you are still letting the emotion of anger tease you into being off balance, it’s time to call in your God Source for clarity on how to express yourself in a way that is healthy for you. Start another journey into inner-standing what true harmony within your spirit, mind, and body looks like for you.


You have been evolving, Scorpio, in a way that is completely shifting or has already shifted your

foundation within the past 3-6 months. This month, the spiritual transformation you have been undergoing is ready to take root in the physical realm. You are receiving honor, promotion, or fame through the utilization of your TRUE spiritual essence. Remember though, the TRUTH of your essence is what paves the way for your foundation being solid in translating your power signature in a healthy way into this physical realm. Make sure also that you aren’t dressing up karmic baggage in designer clothing and calling it a gift. Handle that ish, in real damn life. If you need clarity on what it is, use your power to call in God Source to hand you that clarity on a platter for you to recognize.


Oh Sagittarius. What is making you feel restless? You have some major ideals that you desire and more than likely, have already began initiating to implement in the collective. Your ideals align with the cosmic order which surpasses the system of the present world order. Just make sure you are not over-sacrificing yourself. Be aware that what you are asking for in your romantic partnerships really align with your innate desire to expand. Your expansion creates a space for you to allow God Source to flow through. So if folks around you don’t connect with expansion in spirit, mind, and body DAILY (including you), another release will need to happen ASAP.


This month you are recognizing that you are stable enough within your emotions to express how you feel. And yes, you need to be completely honest with what you are avoiding within your emotions. You may feel you need time to break away from the routine of family life to find the TRUE essence of your individuality. Just make sure you use that time to address patterns of relating that no longer benefit you and your relationships. Don’t restrict what is being channeled to you from your God Consciousness. You can no longer hide behind your career and the accolades you have acquired to avoid why you are REALLY in this realm. Remember, this is the TRUE lifeline of your earthly existence.


Are you using your primal innate wisdom to allow you to embrace what it TRULY means to be free? You are being urged to create a space that will allow you to be your most authentic self. Don’t be afraid to learn more about the karmic story of your maternal lineage in connection to mental and sexual abuse. You may be carrying the residue of this trauma signature, which is now ready to be released. You will be seeking connections that will give you enough freedom to permeate all the layers of who you are. This will align your intuitive sense with the natural processes of nature and the wisdom of its processes.


Happy Solar Return Pisces! We are experiencing the depths of what it means to be an authentic spirit within this human experience, behind the veil of the world’s distractions. You are aligning with objectives that are in harmony with your soul. You have the drive to achieve your highest ideals. Many truths that the collective need to hear will be transmitted to you through very powerful revelations within your dream state or in moments of solitude, so keep your journal along your bedside or with you throughout this month. It is important to pay close attention to who you are doing business with also. If it doesn’t feel right, it ain’t right! Pay attention to your behavior so you don’t unconsciously mislead yourself. Limit your alcohol consumption this month.

Ra’Iysa Nafiys El is an oracle and spiritual guide that specializes in astrology, ancestor healing and generational transformation, mediumship, and divination. She is the creator and CEO of Jhust Flow.

Facebook: Jhust Flow

Instagram:@ Jhust Flow

Twitter: @Jhust Flow

Website: www.

Cash App: $RaRice

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