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Darquirs Franklin

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Citizen: Thoughts on Danquirs Franklin, on the Day of His Death

Another black man senselessly murdered in my city. Another hastily released official police statement expressing certain justification of the fatal use of force.

I can’t stomach this again. Another black man senselessly murdered in my city. Another hastily released official police statement expressing certain justification of the fatal use of force. Another WFAE broadcast where Mark Rumsey nonchalantly announces the deceased’s name with less than half the fervor he mustered up when he begged for donations during last week’s broadcast. Another broadcast in which the point of the suspect being armed is overtly stressed, even though numerous eyewitnesses on the scene exclaimed otherwise. Another broadcast where an eyewitness’s outrage is packaged as just black folks’ entrenched distrust of the authorities, rather than a legitimate concern of the excessive use of force that happened right in front of her… and 30 other Burger King patrons and the packed lanes of Charlotte traffic on Beatties Ford Road. No mention of a possible mistaken identity, even after the witness interviewed stated numerous people were involved in the original dispute.

I listened to this carefully edited patchwork of details with the realization of WFAE’s clear bias towards Chief Putney and his speedily delivered gospel of how it all went down. I couldn’t be fooled into going on about my Monday though, since my Facebook feed had been delivering a contrary to the official, yet highly consistent account of the event, sooner and from every corner of town.

We keep going through this Charlotte, we keep losing beautiful young people to the police in this town and I’m afraid we’re too accepting of Chief Putney’s immediate liberation of officer responsibility based off his down-home delivery and not his investigative skills. It’s obvious he’s no Perry Mason or he wouldn’t be issuing statements of certainty before Franklin’s body had cooled, before all evidence from the scene was collected and processed (like the reported bullet casing they left behind), nor before eye witness statements or camera footage had been reviewed. I guess that’s what happens when investigative work isn’t your forte, they make you chief instead. No wonder so many crimes never get solved in this city and entire departments of CMPD detectives make national fools of themselves when they’re asked to put in a little work to solve a homicide or help stop a serial rapist. If CMPD was motivated to solve cases not involving their own officers as much as they motivated to “solving” the crimes that do, Charlotte might be the Mayberry Chief Putney attempts to reassure us that it is.

I had high hopes for you Putney, I thought you were going to be different from the rest. I thought you would be just. I thought you at the very least would have some reverence for black youth in this town, enough so that you’d not call it case closed just because it’s lunchtime on Monday, or you personally know the officer involved, or you can’t set a precedent of an officer being found at fault. Your department isn’t infallible. Your constituents are aware of this, and any investigator of average skill would be aware of this too.


How many officer involved shootings have occurred since Putney became chief?

How many under Monroe, Stevens?

How many OIS have occurred where numerous officers had weapons drawn and only one officer shot?  Jonathon Farrell, Keith Lamont Scott, Franklin….how many others?

What de-escalation tactics were implemented before lethal force was utilized?

How many shootings or incidents of excessive force has Wende been involved in, here or elsewhere?

How many hours of bias training and de-escalation training is required of responding officers? How often?

What are the requirements in other departments nationwide, especially those who have implemented training and have seen less officer-involved shootings as a result?

How many hours was Wende on the clock for the shift of incident and for the last 7 days?

Why’d they send a detective to such a call?


Where are the dashcam videos?

Were they on upon officer arrival, if not, WTF NOT?

Where are the bodycams? $100 dollars says they fell off, didn’t work or weren’t ever turned on.

Where’s the interior, exterior and drive through cam footage for Burger King?

What other shops around would have camera view of incident?  Are they being reviewed?

Where are the preliminary fingerprints from the firearm?

WHERE TF IS THE CHICK THAT WAS GETTING THREATENED? What’s her official statement look like?

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